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Could There be Luck in the Twitter Cards for Pharma?


Today’s PM360 Panorama featured an article “Fifteen Ways Pharma Can Take Advantage of Twitter’s Redesign.” My comments were featured in the article, and the full article is here. Below are some further thoughts on the redesign and its applicability for pharma. With a full header image and stats on friends and photos, I can hardly [...]

All I want for Christmas is a Chromecast


Just I time for Chrismahanukwanzakah shopping I saw an amazing ad for the Google Chromecast. The size of a USB stick, you seemingly plug it into your TV and you immediately have streaming media. Since it’s from Google, who’s products just work and don’t get in your face about it, it must be amazing. After [...]

Adventures in Digital Business Cards


Last week I went to Digital Pharma East. I was looking forward to connecting with a bunch of people I knew in a short amount of time. I knew I’d want to give them my updated contact information, and I started thinking about how I would do that. I know what you’ll say – just [...]

Google Announces Search, Plus Your World

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Yesterday Google made a major revision in its search algorithm  called Search, plus Your World. This change has been called ‘the most radical change ever’ on Search Engine Blogs. Google will now be incorporating data from its social network as well as the public Internet when delivering search results to people. What this means in [...]

Google Wallet

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Today Google announced it’s wallet, an electronic wallet located in your cell phone with tap-and-pay technology. With Google’s engineering prowess, it’s got to be a smooth customer experience – frictionless, as the saying goes. Why so late? Doesn’t it seem like we should have been tapping and going at 7/11s and gas stations for a [...]

Cereal Marketing Breakthrough in Canada!

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I recently got a head-ups from a friend in Toronto about this marketing breakthrough. Post – famous for bringing good whole wheat Shreddies cereal to Canadian breakfast tables for 67 years, has launched a major innovation.  For the first time in seven decades Shreddies is changing its shape, for a limited time, with new Diamond [...]

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