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Customer Service

International Voice over IP


A long time ago, when I was in high school, I did a summer language program in Valencia, Spain. Back in those days, when you wanted to make a phone call to the United States it was a big ordeal. You had to go down to the Central Telephone Office, slap your ten Pesetas on [...]

‘Forked’ Over by AMC Theatres


It’s nice to be able to reserve a seat for a movie theater and I’m willing to pay a premium for it. In particular, I like the fork and dine theaters. Table service is a good convenience, and the food I’ve had has been as good as your standard high end bar chain. So, when [...]

Comcast: When Simple Things Fail

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A while back I got a letter from Comcast announcing the my old cable modem was too old to take advantage of the speed of the network in my neighborhood. They said all I had to do was fill out an online form and I would be sent a new modem. As a geek, I [...]

An Apple for Apple


Last August the camera in my iPhone 3GS started producing photos as if they were taken through a jar of Vaseline or a screen door – neither one a very pleasing effect. It didn’t inconvenience me much, but I do find the camera handy for a quick informal shot or as a reminder for something [...]

Adobe Drops the Ball on Customer Service

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We live in an amazing age as far as online customer service goes. You can book your flight online and get your ticket in minutes. Zappos can get shoes to your doorstep seemingly as soon as you press the enter key. Adobe is one of the oldest and most venerable software companies. I have a [...]

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