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Integrated Marketing

Will 2016 be a Big Year for Virtual Reality in Pharma?


One of the more amazing technological innovations of 2015 was the consumerization of virtual reality. Google Cardboard, which started out almost as a joke, came into its own this November when the New York Times distributed over 1 million Cardboard units to their subscribers, featuring a  film, “The Displaced,” which follows the lives of three [...]

Publishing on Medium – “the best typewriter for the web”


Wow, I got over 5,200 views and 2,300 reads for my first post on Medium a few weeks ago. That’s remarkable. I’ve been aware of Medium for a few years now. Mainly, I would discover smart content on Medium which I might have found on Wired, The New Yorker, or A List Apart. The long-form content there [...]

A Simple Framework for Understanding Social Hubs and Content Hubs


Content marketing and content curation was one of the main themes of 2014. Companies jumped (or stumbled) in with both feet – as well as individual thought leaders, who were quick to create their own content platforms and collections. Supporting these efforts was the emergence of some excellent tools that allowed you to easily stitch [...]

New Responsive Website Design for 2014!


Are more of your website visitors coming from a mobile device instead of a desktop or laptop computer? Mine are, and even though this site is optimized for mobile, it needs to evolve. (That includes smartphone plus tablet usage.) In What Users Want Most from Mobile Sites Today,  Google reports that 61% of mobile visitors [...]

Companies: LinkIn or LoseOut


The last time I demonstrated LinkedIn company pages to a senior executive, with the goal of getting him to do it for his company, he was incredulous that it was free. He was looking for the price tag. It’s odd that in the rush to cover all the leading social media platforms that companies have neglected [...]

Amazing Movie Theater Simulcast


I was sitting and looking at a boring and uninspiring to-do list on a Saturday morning when I got a call from my good friend Jordan. “Let’s go to the opera,” he said.  Hmm, not remembering any strong connection between Jordan and opera, but knowing Jordan as an explorer, and a person who uncovers interesting [...]

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