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Adventures in Digital Business Cards


Last week I went to Digital Pharma East. I was looking forward to connecting with a bunch of people I knew in a short amount of time. I knew I’d want to give them my updated contact information, and I started thinking about how I would do that. I know what you’ll say – just [...]

PowerPoint, Meet iPad


In my last post I wrote about the need to work on PowerPoint files as being one of the few things dragging me back to a laptop or rather than being able to work wholly on a tablet. How spoiled have we become?  I remember what a breakthrough it was when I got my first [...]

Think Outside the DropBox – On an iPad


Like a lot of people, I have a set of computer files I like to keep on hand, both at work and at home. At one point I used to move them back and forth on a floppy disk, then zip drive (remember those?), then USB, then later on I’d connect the two computers on [...]

Why Business People Speak Like Idiots


It’s Monday. Time to hit the pause button on your personality and get ready for the first meeting because, for the next five days, we’ll be speaking the language of business. And, from bloated jargon and monotonous memos to syrupy slogans and deadly dull presentations, the official language of business is bull. The second we [...]

Present Like Steve Jobs


“There is something in the air today.” With those words, Jobs opened Macworld. By doing so, he set the theme for his presentation and hinted at the key product announcement—the ultrathin MacBook Air laptop. Take some lessons from a master showman. Here’s an interesting top 10 tips to make presentations as well as Steve Job.

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