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Create a Personal Google From Your Tweets


There’s a simple way of using Twitter for content you find interesting to create your own personal Google. All it takes is the careful use of hashtags. This use case has been around since the beginning ot Twitter, but somehow it’s a little-known technique. One of the first things you learn when you start using [...]

International Voice over IP


A long time ago, when I was in high school, I did a summer language program in Valencia, Spain. Back in those days, when you wanted to make a phone call to the United States it was a big ordeal. You had to go down to the Central Telephone Office, slap your ten Pesetas on [...]

Five Observations Five Weeks In Using the Apple Watch

0 comments Rather than jumping on my first impressions of the Apple Watch, I figured that I would give it a few solid weeks of use to see how I felt about it. So, here are my highlights: 1) Notifications Shine: For those of us who are too lazy or too slow to actually dig our [...]

iOS Share Sheets and Mobile Browsers


Sitting on the train, I encounter a First-World problem: when I click on a links from my iOS Gmail app, it opens in a slimmed down browser that’s part of the GMail app. Why is this a problem? I have no problem viewing most of the content. However, I want to view the web pages [...]

Using iCloud Bookmarks with Other Sync Software


After my big bookmarks move to the cloud (which I wrote about here) I found that my iPad suddenly had an old set of bookmarks. Of course this was at a bad time – on vacation when I needed to get into an accounting system for work, to make a change that would take five [...]

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