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Taking a Blogging Hiatus


This blog was founded in 2008 as a home for long-form writing and as a testing ground for fooling around with the latest web technologies. It contains periodic musings on Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Mobile, and the Tech Lifestyle. During the past eight years I posted almost monthly. The face of blogging changed [...]

Create a Personal Google From Your Tweets


There’s a simple way of using Twitter for content you find interesting to create your own personal Google. All it takes is the careful use of hashtags. This use case has been around since the beginning ot Twitter, but somehow it’s a little-known technique. One of the first things you learn when you start using [...]

Publishing on Medium – “the best typewriter for the web”


Wow, I got over 5,200 views and 2,300 reads for my first post on Medium a few weeks ago. That’s remarkable. I’ve been aware of Medium for a few years now. Mainly, I would discover smart content on Medium which I might have found on Wired, The New Yorker, or A List Apart. The long-form content there [...]

A Simple Framework for Understanding Social Hubs and Content Hubs


Content marketing and content curation was one of the main themes of 2014. Companies jumped (or stumbled) in with both feet – as well as individual thought leaders, who were quick to create their own content platforms and collections. Supporting these efforts was the emergence of some excellent tools that allowed you to easily stitch [...]

iOS Share Sheets and Mobile Browsers


Sitting on the train, I encounter a First-World problem: when I click on a links from my iOS Gmail app, it opens in a slimmed down browser that’s part of the GMail app. Why is this a problem? I have no problem viewing most of the content. However, I want to view the web pages [...]

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