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R.I.P. Xmarks: The End of Browser-Based Bookmarks

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Today marks the official end of Xmarks, the bookmarks sync utility. It was ‘retired’ unsentimentally by LastPass. Xmarks is the latest extinction of a product, highly valued by its users, which meets a sudden end and leaves its fans in the lurch. The former users of Vine and Google’s Picassa can surely relate. Extinction is [...]

How-To Build a Kick-Ass Spotify Music Visualizer


This video shows Spotify driving a music visualizer on a 65” Sony 4K TV. It’s great for entertaining, listening to music, or just sitting back and enjoying the show. If you’re interested in setting up something similar for yourself that will work with Spotify, iTunes, or streaming web services like Pandora or Soundcloud, read on! [...]

Taking a Blogging Hiatus


This blog was founded in 2008 as a home for long-form writing and as a testing ground for fooling around with the latest web technologies. It contains periodic musings on Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Mobile, and the Tech Lifestyle. During the past eight years I posted almost monthly. The face of blogging changed [...]

I Got Mom a Robot Companion for her Birthday


Through work I had been exposed to Mabu the personal healthcare companion, an intelligent, socially interactive robot whose conversations are tailored to each patient that she works with. Mabu seemed cheesy and a bit creepy, but the idea had legs, if a bit odd. At the same time Mom needed a birthday gift and I [...]

Create a Personal Google From Your Tweets


There’s a simple way of using Twitter for content you find interesting to create your own personal Google. All it takes is the careful use of hashtags. This use case has been around since the beginning ot Twitter, but somehow it’s a little-known technique. One of the first things you learn when you start using [...]

FBI vs. Apple and the Risk to Your Health Data


By now anyone with a pulse has heard about Apple’s showdown with the FBI over resisting cracking open a terrorist’s phone from San Bernandino. From a public perception perspective the FBI picked the perfect case to force Apple to comply – a conflict over security that has been brewing for a while. However, it’s not [...]

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