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Taking a Blogging Hiatus

This blog was founded in 2008 as a home for long-form writing and as a testing ground for fooling around with the latest web technologies. It contains periodic musings on Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Mobile, and the Tech Lifestyle. During the past eight years I posted almost monthly.

The face of blogging changed greatly over that period. Beginning in 2015, when LinkedIn’s Pulse was opened to ordinary citizens, I began cross-posting my professionally oriented posts there. That has provided good results from a business perspective. Similarly, I began cross-posting cultural and personal work to Medium. Some of the amplification there has taken my readership far beyond what I could expect from a self-hosted blog. However, a copy of everything is here, where it will never go away.

I’ve decided it’s time for a hiatus to recharge my creative juices and to determine what I’m writing about and where the content will be placed. Lookout for changes.

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